The Delhi Story Project

दिल्ली की कहानी प्रोजैक्ट

What is the Delhi Story Project?

Every city has its own story to tell and incase of India, our cities are waiting to tell stories of its people, their culture, its habitations, history and life. Delhi while being the capital city of the Indian nation; also holds within its boundaries countless stories of kings, queens, saints, traders, music, art, science, migrations, wars, bravery, savagery and traditions of over 2 millenia in recorded history.

The ‘Delhi Story Project’ is designed as a crowdsourcing platform that seeks to reach out to its citizens with the help of volunteer “ Oral Historians ’ to document stories of its people, its life, its many wonders, traditions and heritage and share them with the residents and the world. The ‘Delhi Story Project’ is a part of an ongoing multi-year initiative led by a consortium of stakeholders to build India’s first City Museum in Delhi. The ‘ Delhi City Museum ’ is a 7 year ongoing research and development initiative to design and build a network of museums in and for the City of Delhi, for and by its residents. The project is a partnership between the Heritage Foundation and the Centre for Community Knowledge, Ambedkar University Delhi and other national and international stakeholders.

Your role as a collaborator ~ Becoming an Oral Historian :

Students of history, social sciences and enthusiasts of history and heritage are ideal candidates to be our amateur ‘ Oral Historians ’. While the project would collaborate with education and research institutions and non-profits working in the city, the platform is also open for individuals who wish to volunteer their time and effort.

To be our ‘ Oral Historian ’ all you need is keen interest, key for details, a smartphone and a computer.

If you are interested, you are required to fill this “ Registration Form ” to get an invitation for our free “Storytelling Workshop”. Do note, before attending the workshop you need to prepare yourself as per the instructions provided here. The workshop is of approximate 2 hours duration and would be conducted online.

Once you have completed the workshop, you would be invited to join a WhatsApp/Telegram group for updates on your stories. You are required to submit an Audio/Video/Picture-presentation story within one month of the workshop to be eligible for an appreciation certificate and free/concessional access to our online archive of “Oral History”, discussion groups, events and workshops.

All stories submitted would be vetted by experts and would be made available via our social media platforms for the residents of Delhi and the world with citation. Viral and impactful stories contributors, especially students (selected) would be eligible for our “Scholarship Programmes” in our ongoing initiatives of Delhi City Museum.

Preparing for the Workshop:

Pre-Workshop Readings

This is for arriving on the same page as fellow story collectors. This will also help you unwind and unlearn. Make notes. It will all come handy when you are in the field spending time with people hunting for stories.

Pre-Workshop Assignments

This is to apply and have a first-hand experience of all that we have observed in the reading/watching section of the workshop.
  • Submit the personal story form to Register .
  • Record and submit a two minute audio about a traditional story from your culture/community. If you have experienced it personally, do talk about it.
  • Submit a photo-feature covering some non-corona aspect of your neighbourhood.
    • photo of present + text memory of past
    • Photo of sky at different times + mood text for each) (Use any software you want – powerpoint, keynote, word, or any other mobile app)
  • Date of Submission: 22.08.2020

Workshop Live Session (23.08.2020; 11:00 am)

(Duration: 80 mins)
  • Setting the context and introductions | 5 minutes
  • Ice-breakers | 10 minutes
  • What and Why (Platform) | 10 minutes
  • The sea of stories (Topics) | 15 minutes
  • Fetch the story (Tips on collection and storage) | 15 minutes
  • Missing dots (Questions from participants | 15 minutes
  • Debrief ~ if required | 10 minutes

Suggestions for Dilli Ki Kahani ~ Story of Delhi

Here are some hints and pointers to themes that could be selected for documenting stories. Remember, if it was not Delhi, these experiences or memories would not have happened in the way they did.
  • - Early or first memories of a place in Delhi
  • - Childhood memories of Delhi
  • - Incidents you witnessed and will remember
  • - Your Home and Neighbourhood
  • - Markets, Tradespeople and Businesses
  • - Incidents from your working life or life as student in the City
  • - What you love about Delhi
    • - Food
    • - Monument
    • - Markets
    • - Art, Culture and Music
    • - Schools and Colleges
    • - Transport / Driving
  • - Visual changes in Delhi that you have witnessed
  • - Romance
    • - Your first love
    • - Places you go
    • - Activities you did
    • - Couples Adda
  • - Delhi’s Secret - Your secret areas in Delhi
  • - Unexpected help from strangers, neighbors etc.

Do not limit yourselves to these suggestions, explore ideas and share your stories, we are waiting for them and so are residents of Delhi and the World.